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New to Solana NFT's & Don't know how to get started?

  • What Solana Wallet Should I use?
    While there are many Solana wallets around, we would recommend using either Phantom Wallet or Metamask Wallet. These two wallets are the best around & make things so much easier! Below is a link to download either wallet .
  • Why should I mint a PokemongUs Solana NFT from your project?
    If you like cool art that's not AI generated, then we think you will like what we have to offer! Aside from the Art aspect, each PokemongUs NFT comes with a variety of super cool traits that combined will enhance the uniqueness factor of each PokemongUs NFT! Discover every Evolution! This is just the beginning. If you know-You know 😉
  • How many PokemongUs Solana NFT's are there in the collection?
    There a total of only 5000 PokemongUs Solana NFT's to Mint Included in the PokemongUs Mint is the Opportunity to find Super Rare Limited Edition Shiny PokemongUs NFT's as well as Holo Versions! These Hand drawn artwork pieces are limited to only ONE Shiny Version of each base PokemongUs Character! Gotta Mint 'em All!
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